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  • Ian Marcus Wright

SNP joins up with deranged lunatics who want to save the planet

Fury and fear has poured from the UK Press after the SNP and Scottish Green Party announced a formal power sharing arrangement.

In England the SNP is, when convenient, portrayed as right wing fascists hell bent on a deep-fried Fourth Reich or as dangerous communists who will pull poor little Labour further Left.

So imagine their dismay when an even fringer (fringier?) group has managed to secure a place in the Holyrood Cabinet.

The establishment media takes great issue with the Green Party’s raft of idiotic policies like maintaining drinkable water, breathable air and having multinational corporate overlords pay their fair share in tax.

This of course comes from a country where the Lib Dems are used to holding the balance of power every 6 years, and in Scotland they have been relegated to fifth place behind the Greens and ahead of Alba, a party whose core voters are a coalition of Salmond apologists, claymore-waving purists and confused Albanians.

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