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  • Ian Marcus Wright

Labour Considering Rebranding as Right Wing if They Can't Beat Boris Now

After another week of political disaster for the Tories, Labour insiders reveal that they have the strongest chance yet of winning the next election.

But they have also admitted that Plan B involves rebranding as a right wing party to rival the Conservatives, as if they somehow lose again to Johnson then it's clear that voting left wing is a weird Scottish habit and not a UK-wide interest.

Some in the party have mused that it's not as ridiculous as it sounds when you consider the Labour policies that already gel with a right wing mindset, such as:

  • No plans to restructure or abolish the monarchy and House of Lords.

  • Giving bright low-income pupils vouchers for private school instead of improving state schools

  • No commitment to rejoining the EU

  • Only electing leaders who went to Private School

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