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  • Ian Marcus Wright

Idiots terrified of SNP/Green Alliance forgot the last five years

Scottish twitter users have expressed their dismay at the SNP's proposal to ally with the Greens, despite both parties being left wing and having worked together in this manner for five years already.

The Green party's stance of being the only political force acknowledging climate change as the human race's number one priority terrifies those that are concerned about what days their bins are collected.

"I read over their manifesto the other day," grumbled William Hamilton, Lanark. "Higher minimum wage, infrastructure spending and increased taxes on the rich? I've not been voting Labour all my life to see those policies come to fruition!"

Readers may remember that in 2015, UK Labour were accused of being dragged towards communism by the SNP in the same manner. It is almost as if right wingers are always afraid of a slippery slope while ignoring their party's rampant cronyism and close ties to the DUP who believe that Catholics are subhuman and evolution is a myth.

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