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  • Ian Marcus Wright

Hancock had affair to have something in common with Boris

Anonymous sources within the Health Secretary's office have confirmed that Hancock's affair with an aide was orchestrated to give him something in common with the Prime Minister, in an attempt to heal their fractured relationship.

A spokesman for No. 10 commented on the story with "Boris knew, he's known for months. Her nickname was 'hopeless'."

When asked if this story would imperil the Health Secretary's career, the spokesman said "on the contrary, BoJo has him shortlisted for Home Secretary now."

The allegations follow Hancock's previous criticism of Professor Neil Ferguson, a COVID advisor to the PM who resigned after breaking restrictions to have a relationship with someone outwith his household. At the time Hancock said he was right to resign and that continuing to work for the government was "just not possible."

When pressed for comment, the Health Secretary explained that he "didn't have time to stop fucking his subordinate as he was too busy saving lives'."

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