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  • Ian Marcus Wright

Whitelisting this site makes you sexier, richer and possibly immortal


We here at Strathclyde Spotlight don't want to get into tiered memberships, selling data or sponsored articles.*

We use Adsense and Amazon Affiliate links, so ideally you will only see relevant ads and not that This Monkey can Grow his Own Bananas With One Weird Trick, Plantation Owners Hate Him shite that permeate the web. We also won't have ads between loading pages, or having you click a link 10 times hoping it will finally open the page you actually want. You know the sites that do this. We all do.

The Amazon Affiliate links will also be obvious and not deviously inserted, such as this clear hyperlink to buy your rude Christmas wrapping paper, or this useless box that closes itself.

At some point we may do a poll asking what products you readers are more likely to be interested in to make these links more relevant, because fuck me, you're a disparate unpredictable group of malcontents.

On our posts there are three ads, all at the bottom of the page, and the front page has two ads in the stream between the categories. The mobile site has a few that follow you down the page, but never in the way of reading or clicking on what you actually want, and let me know if they do and I'll shitcan them.

Thanks for the support so far,

I.M. Wright

*unless you are a business based in Strathclyde, and we will not guarantee positive coverage. Send us a message for details.

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