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  • Ian Marcus Wright

"We got him this time!" says Guardian reader for the 30th time

After reading about the latest partygate revelations, avid Guardian reader Sean Watkins grew giddy at the certainty of the prime minister resigning.

Images from itv have shown the prime minster drinking in close proximity with others at a party during lockdown, in which other attendees were later fined for their presence.

"His position is utterly untenable now," said the excitable assistant librarian. "to continue on at this point would require levels of shamelessness unknown to mankind."

"Of course this isn't the first scandal he and most of the country have ignored. It's not even the first one related to the same event, actually. But I've got a feeling this time."

At press time Watkins confided that he'd remortgaged his house to put a colossal bet on Johnson resigning by Friday at 3pm and was perplexed by the great odds he was offered.

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