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  • Ian Marcus Wright

Prince Andrew’s teddy bears arranged by age, former maid discloses

In a bizarre revelation from a former palace employee, it has been made known that Prince Andrew had a very particular arrangement in mind for his bedroom plush toys and threw tantrums if they weren't up to his standard.

”The princeling would throw an absolute shit-fit if it wasn’t right,” said Briggs to the Sun. “He decided he knew the age and birthday of every one of them and wanted them lined up on his bed in this order to make his ’selection’ easier, whatever that fucking meant.“

"The only relief for the toys is that once they were over eighteen he no longer really cared about them - that was our opportunity to take them out of rotation and scrub the stains off. I don’t know if a Paddington bear has a soul, but this one was definitely missing something in the eyes by the time we rescued him."

The ex-royal maid then described how the young man would take one that had, according to him, just turned thirteen and ran around the room making airplane noises before taking it into his cupboard, which was called the ‘private island’.

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