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  • Ian Marcus Wright

Prince Andrew denies connection to Ghislaine: "Are you kidding? She's too old."

Following the guilty verdict of Ghislaine Maxwell, Prince Andrew has taken several steps to distance himself from the former child sex trafficker.

Despite several images of the prince with Maxwell, Andrew has responded to statements about their relationship with fervent denials.

"Are you kidding? She's too old," said the prince to reporters. "She's like sixty. Not my type at all."

When it was pointed out to Andrew that some of the allegations could go back as far as thirty years, he responded, "then she'd still be thirty, right? A tad closer to pension than public school for my taste."

The prince was speaking for himself after his spokesman quit last year following his car crash interview about his relationship with former child sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein. While innocence until proven guilty is an important institution of the justice system, it has been noted that not many of us can say two of our close friends were convicted pedophiles. His mother, the Queen, made comments earlier.

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