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  • Ian Marcus Wright

How I Saved £400,000 on a £21,000 wage

This letter was submitted by a part-time office worker in their late twenties living in Hyndland.

To the Editor,

It has dismayed me no end to see other millenials my age despair at what they consider to be economic inequity; the grind of work hours and no time for yourself, as well as the cost of living and the alleged lack of opportunities to save.

I completed a well-respected degree (a 3rd in Ancient Babylonian Oral Hygiene History, for reference) and got a low to mid-tier admin job at my father's golf friend's company, and while the pay is mean (I'm told it's okay for part-time), I have had no issue saving for a good flat in the area, and felt compelled to share the three things I did to accrue money.

  1. Don't spend money on coffees in Glasgow's boutique coffee shops . I buy posh beans and make my own coffees at home. (£20 a bag of fair trade single origin beans and a £500 espresso-maker pays for itself in 30-40 years.)

  2. I spend my Sunday afternoons making tray bake dinners to freeze and reheat over the week - lasagna, shepherds pie or Spanish chicken can go a long way and don't break the bank.

  3. My great aunt from Dubai passed away and left me £400,520 (after inheritance tax, surprised BoJo still has that communist practice in place.)

As you can see, it is quite easy.


Bill Twatly

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