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  • Ian Marcus Wright

BBC brands being a Rangers fan a 'disorder'

The British Broadcast Corporation has drawn a line in the sectarian sand and declared that being a Rangers fan is a psychological disorder.

"It was a reasonable decision after thorough research," said psychologist RD Laing, who was commissioned to study Rangers fans by the BBC. "The English bootlicking, the marching to celebrate a battle from three hundred years ago, saying ''we are the people" then voting Tory, you don't need a medical degree to know something's not right in the head there. It's good to see it being officially recognised."

It is recommended that those who fear they may have the disorder seek help from a therapist, while watching for tell tale signs such as living in an area where green traffic lights are in constant peril.

While some argue that this is a misleading article based on a bad-faith reading of a BBC headline that was referring to a disorderly gathering of Rangers supporters, such people are reminded that this is a satire site and are advised to remove their heads from their arse.

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